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Piton de la Fournaise. The original Mother Church.

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Covers the topics in contemporary linguistics from fundamental linguistic disciplines such as phonetics, syntax, and morphology to applications in other disciplines such as anthropology, education, psychology, language acquisition, cognitive science, media, computer science, sociology, medicine, and the law.

War within the Family: Recently, the history of Alexander and his Successors has attracted growing attention of modern academia. Phthia, the mother of Philip V.

We begin by collecting and analyzing what extant sources remain, and then aim to reconstruct a stemma of the house. This is how Hilary summed up the problem with the. Larousse Dictionnaire Bilingue Anglais-Italien.

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Laodice of Achaeus is instead the example of the loyal and brave wife and her portrait loudly recalls epic echoes. Dictionaries, Thesauri, and Quotations General and subject specific dictionaries in any language, dual language dictionaries, thesauri, dictionaries of quotations, and acronym lists.

Provides electronic access to approximately 4, maps for all regions of the world. The Hellenistic world is not viewed anymore as a moment of decadence after the splendour of the Greek Classical age, enlightened by Athens' bright star, but as an engaging example of ante litteram globalization, the essential premise to the development of the Roman Empire. The abundant evidence on the female members of the basileia provides information on the role of the basilissa in the absence of male representatives of the dynasty, as well as on the agency of the queen-mother of the new king.

On holy days of obligation the faithful are required to attend.

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Inclusive and subject specific dictionaries in any language, dual language dictionaries, thesauri, dictionaries of quotations, and acronym lists. A complete directory of licensed databases is available through the Library's Electronic Resource Finder. Mongrel or subject-specific encyclopedias, almanacs, and other collections of factual information.

Web sites and subject-specific search machineries available without restriction. Search this Guide Search. Stating Sources A library dig into guide. Giving to the Library.

Reference Sources in support of Italian Studies Use the following types of regard sources to look up information related to Italian Studies:

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